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Advantages for your company

Doing webinars helps your company to save money and be more efficient.

  • Economy Reduce costs with renting of spaces and travelling. Reach people wherever they are without leaving your office.

  • Ease To broadcast, use a webcam and a microphone. To watch, open your browser and access the website.

  • Communication Webinars are an excellent tool for marketing content.

  • Practicality Simplify the production logistics of your events doing them on the internet.

  • Reach Amplify the reach of your content allowing people to access it from multiple places.

  • Commodity All content created stays recorded, allowing people to watch it whenever they have the free time.

In the day-to-day of your company

Resources for your company

  • Transmission

    Transmission of audio and video The transmissions are done using a webcam and simple microphones or with resources of large events, such as an audio table and video capturing board.

    Slides Presentation Do not be restricted to one presentation. Your content can be transmitted step by step using the necessary tools.

    Content Recording After the live transmission the complete content remains available to be seen and re-seen.

  • Control

    Public streaming Gain the largest audiences in your events making your transmissions open to the public.

    Private streaming Your private content is protected and accessed only by those authorised to.

    Participants Control Import lists with the authorised participants' emails and manage the access permissions of each transmission.

    Notifications The participants are notified by email when they are invited to watch the transmission, and on the day are reminded of the presentation start time.

    Audience and Consumption Reports Accompany the number of participants, views and the participants' consumptions per hour of your lectures.

  • Customization

    Customized transmission page Each webinar can be customized with your brand identity or of your event.

    An address belonging only to you The name of your company is personalised in your profile address:

    All your content gathered Your company profile at Eventials is a centre for all the content created for your contributors.

  • Interaction

    No participant limits Works for all transmission sizes. There is not a limit for simultaneous participants.

    Chat for interaction in real time Promote debates during the transmission and encourage interaction among participants.

    Comments Import lists with the authorised participants' emails and manage the access permissions of each transmission.

  • Convenience

    Fairer business model At Eventials you can have an unlimited number of participants and you do not need to worry about extra costs. Choose the plan that best suits you and your investment will always be the same.

    Partners Network We have a network of partners to put your company in touch with producers and qualified lecturers to help you carry out events, courses and lectures.

    Differentiated Support You will have all our support to carry out your transmissions. Contact us through support or by telephone and we will be pleased to help you.

    Continuous improvement We grow with your feedback. We hear the needs of our clients and continuously improve the quality of the services we offer.

Requirements to carry out transmissions


  • A computer Using at least 2 GB of RAM memory.

  • Camera and microphone Use the webcam and microphone integrated to your notebook or connect these devices to the computer.

  • Content Presentations converted to PDF.

  • Internet We recommend connections that are higher than 4 Mbps with a minimum upload rate of 700 kbps.


  • Computer* The computer receives the image signal and the audio of the connected devices in the same way that an integrated microphone and camera would.

    Eventials' Website* You will only need to begin and end the transmission on the Eventials website, but will not need slides.

    *The computer and the Eventials website will not be necessary in the case of transmissions done with TriCaster
  • Event Camera One or more cameras filming the event.

  • Editing table The event cameras will be connected to an editing table, which receivers all the images and selects which will be shown.

  • Capture Board The capture board receives a signal of the selected image by the editing table and transmits it to Eventials as if it were a camera.

  • Microphones The event can have one or more microphones (lecturers, interpreters, etc.).

  • Sound Table The sound table receives all the the audio signals and the volume of each signal.


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