Organise webinars, capture leads and strengthen your brand.

Become a Broadcaster
You do not need
to install anything!

Run your webinars directly from your browser.

Slides and
Screen Sharing

Share your computer screen or add slides to your webinars

Interaction through chat with
real time questions

Interact live with the participants through the chat or questions.


Know who watched your webinars, how many time and for how long.

Watch the demonstration

The best platform for doing your webinars

All that you need to supercharge your content marketing

Webinars with your brand on them

Make it so that your webinar participants feel at home. Customise the transmission page with your brand and give even more value to your content.

Generate qualified leads

Enterprise Plan Only

Capture qualified leads by creating a subscription form with personalised fields. Define which information each person will have to fill in to participate in your webinar and use this information to feed your CRM system.

Landing page optimised for conversion

Each webinar you schedule will have a landing page that is optimised for subscription conversions. You can even put a teaser video on Youtube to increase the interest for your content.

Lead feeding with
automatic integration

Enterprise Plan Only

With only 1 click you can connect your Eventials account with webapps for lead feeding. Your post-webinar actions will be less laborious and more efficient.

Automatic Recording

Enjoy the content created.

With automatic recording from Eventials, you can continue using your webinar as support material to share on your social media sites and blogs, thus making your content last much more.

Detailed Reports

Present effective results. Know who watched your webinars, for
how many times and for how long. Find out which action is
bringing in more registrations.

The experience that "Melhor do Marketing" had when using Eventials was fantastic. Furthermore, the support offered by the team is super quick and agile. We recommend them!
André Damasceno O Melhor do Marketing
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